A Parent Making Sense of The Tragic Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT

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I have started this blog post about 25 times. I write and erase. Why? Because the terror of Friday still grips my heart. There is a lot of speculation, a lot of questions, a lot of opinions as to why everything happened. Do we need better programs to help those struggling with mental illness? Do we need better gun control? Do we need better school security? Do we need better programs to handle bullying at school? Do we need to regulate violence in the media and gaming world?  We have so many questions. We want answers because somehow we need to make some sense of this all.

I cry every time I see an image of one of those beautiful children. I cry when I think of the absolute hell those parents are going through right now. I cry that this is the world that my little one is inheriting. But I can’t stop there. As a parent I have been entrusted with the most precious gift life could ever give me – my child. As a parent I am entrusted with giving her a solid foundation of love, security and trust. The thing is I’m human and so very imperfect. The other thing? I can’t do this parenting thing alone & I need other people who will help me be that good parent. And I’m not the only one. All parents need support, because whether we like it or not our children impact other children’s lives. We need to teach our children to be kind and loving and we need to be aware of and reach out to parents who need help doing the same for their children. We don’t know what people are struggling with behind closed doors, but perhaps that listening ear, that lending hand will be the support they need to help their child grow and develop in healthy ways.

I don’t have answers to what happened on Friday. I cannot make sense of any of it. I have hugged and kissed my child almost non-stop since I picked her up Friday afternoon. Beyond the hugs and kisses though, I need to be aware of her needs and other children’s needs. I need to be present to other parents and let them know they aren’t alone in the struggles and the joys of parenting. If anything, this tragedy teaches us we need each other. And we need each other so we can make a difference – each of us – in our own little piece of the world.

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