Meet Sara – A Latina Blog Mom Sharing Culture & Parenting

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This year Kolcraft is going to Hispancize 2011 and we are super excited because we are going via blogger Sara Patterson from Momma Findings. We have been getting to know Sara a bit more over these past weeks and wanted to share our new friend with you!

Did you ever think you would be so involved in helping others with parenting through a blog, social media and conferences?

I think a lot of bloggers have a similar story as mine. I started blogging out of pure desperation. In 2007, My husband moved us 900 miles away to Charlotte, NC. He traveled 2-3 weeks out of each month and I was lonely. I was scared. I spent my days with three small children under the age of 6 with no friends, no family, and no familiarity. So. I started a blog. I had NO idea the impact it would have on me and my soon-to-be readers, however, I’m ecstatic to be a part of such a great community and social phenomenon.

You have some great reviews of various products on your blog. What is your favorite part of reviewing products?

My favorite part about reviewing items is the exclusivity of it all. A lot of the times, I get to try a new product before it hits shelves, giving my feedback to companies on how to make it better or how to market it when it launches. THAT’S my favorite part, being able to make such a big impact on Major Brands. My kids would say, however, that their favorite part is being the first to get “All the Cool Stuff”.

What are you looking forward to the most at the upcoming conference Hispanicize?

This is like no other conference I’ve ever been to. I’ve been to BlogHer. I’ve been to Mom 2.0 Summit. I’ve been to small conferences and small events, but Hispanicize is different. Since I took my blog to the next level and turned it into my own Brand professionally, I’ve always marketed myself as a Mom Blogger or Brand Advocate. I’ve niched myself and narrowed my reach, but with Hispanicize I’m networking, meeting, and learning from the nations top Latino and Latina Social Media Experts in various forms of expertise. Plus, I can help Big Brands make a Big Difference in the Hispanic Community both online and off. It’s widened my reach and spread my wings, so to speak. Did I mention I get to representing one of my favorite Brands at Hispanicize? Kolcraft! (editor’s response – YAY!)

Looking back on your parenting journey, would you say it is anything like you thought it would be?

I’ve told my Mother countless times that I wish she would have told me it would be like this. I wish she would have told me I’d get no sleep, worry constantly, and have my heart broken by these sweet children.

We decided to start a family at a very young age, just 6 months into our marriage. The deciding factor? 9/11. My oldest son is a product of 9/11. That night my husband learned that time is short and the one thing we wanted, more than anything, was a family of our own. The journey began on that sad day and I’ve been humbled and matured by it all.

Do you have a favorite “mom moment” that you can share with us?

This is one of my favorite Mom AND Blogger Moments. I’ve always struggled at telling my children and people I meet, what it is I actually do. Imagine their faces when I say I’m a Blogger. It’s unheard of. What does a Space Ranger Blogger Actually Do? (Sorry, I had a Toy Story flashback go through my head)

One moment that I recall is when my 7-yr-old brought home a book she had written in class. The title? My Mom Has the Coolest Job in the World In it she describes how I get to stay home with her, but I get really cool stuff in the mail and I write about it. “My Mom is a Writer. One day, she’ll even write a book. Just like Barbara Park. She wrote Junie B. Jones.”

Just months later, that same child of mine came to me with a pitch. She wants to start her own blog. She has name. She has a url. She has tag line and graphic ideas. She EVEN has a marketing plan to grow her readership locally. In other words? She wants to be like me and it melts my heart.

As a mom of three, do you have any advice for first-time parents?

Yes, actually. I wish someone would have told me, the first day my child was born, that you’re not going to be perfect. There is no “right way”. There is only the “right way for your child”. My three children are complete opposites. COMPLETE OPPOSITES. Certain methods that work well for my oldest, do nothing for my youngest.

My advice? Parenting is Trial and Error. Make your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them. You’ll learn more about yourself through patience and personal growth than you ever thought possible. PLUS, your kids will be will learn that it’s okay to make a mistake and mirror how you’ve always responded to your own mistakes.

Oh. And wipes. Lots of wipes. No matter what stage of Motherhood you’re in, they ALWAYS come in handy.

Now for a quick glance into Sara’s life. 🙂

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go & what would you do there? I’ve ALWAYS said if I could travel anywhere in the world, it would be Brazil. There’s something exotic, yet energizing about it. I’d, totally, lay around on the beach all day (with my iPhone in hand of course).

What’s your guilty pleasure? French Fries and Chocolate. Not necessarily together, but now that I think about it….

What is an instant de-stressor for you? I like to run. I’m not talking running from the kids when they’re driving me crazy. I like to run long distance. I’m, by no means an athlete, but running calms my nerves, prepares me mentally and physically to tackle my day with three children. One day, I will run a marathon. One day.

If you had a free day with no obligations, what would you do with it? Every Mother’s answer would be sleep, but my personal mantra is, “Sleep is for the weak.” I don’t see it as weakness, however, I just don’t see the point in sleeping the day away. There is always something to be done, a blog post to be written, or a day of fun in the sun. So, if I had no obligations, a free day – I’d get lost in the country. I live in Texas and it’s such a beautiful State. I’d grab a Starbucks drink, my Husband, and my iPhone and just get lost in the country, listening to music and enjoying the scenery.

If someone was going to write a book of your life, what would the title be? This is a looming question that I’ve thought about all day. This is really hard. So, hard, in fact, that I polled my Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers. Out of a combined 4,500 people who follow me, I got two responses. I told you it was a hard question! One response came from my best friend of High School. He said “Clueless”, which plays an important role in my life, because for the most part, new parents and, even new bloggers for instance, are clueless of the journey ahead of them. But I refuse to be labeled as such.

My Mother responded with a title that completely describes me. It’s a name my Grandmother calls me. It’s a culture I hope to instill into my children and my writing- Sarita.

Check out Hispanicize and Sara’s blog. You will be happy you did!

7 Responses to “Meet Sara – A Latina Blog Mom Sharing Culture & Parenting”

  1. Sara@MommaFindings March 14, 2011 at 9:26 am #

    I’m honored to be featured today and even MORE honored to represent such a trusted family oriented brand at Hispanicize.

  2. Kimberly March 16, 2011 at 7:08 am #

    I love your mantra! My mom always said “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Same idea, but much less morbid.

  3. MichelleH March 16, 2011 at 9:31 am #

    We are super excited for the conference. We know you & Wally Wonderbug will be best friends by the end. 🙂

  4. Randy Bailey March 18, 2011 at 6:44 pm #

    I love your blog & love your giveaways! Thanks for sharing your life here!

  5. Sara@MommaFindings March 20, 2011 at 9:21 am #

    Kimberly- Yes, my Mantra is a bit Martyr-like, but my mind works better when I’m accomplishing tasks throughout the day.

    Michelle- Wally arrived at my house yesterday and we’re SOOO excited to get to know eachother!

    Randy- I’m so glad you came to Kolcraft to learn a bit more about me.

  6. MichelleH March 22, 2011 at 7:55 am #

    YAY Sara! Glad you got to meet Wally in person 🙂

  7. Erin E March 28, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    Your family is just gorgeous! I really enjoyed reading this post and getting to know you.