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Memorial Day Recipes and Activities for Kids

Memorial Day – a time to remember those who have died for our country, a time to be together as family and the official kick-off to summer.  We wanted to share some easy recipes and fun activities that you can do with your kids this Memorial Day weekend.

Picnic & BBQ time!

  1. Easy-to-make Pork BBQ, hot dog skewers and chicken nuggets!
  2. Fun patriotic desserts your child can help you make!

Memorial Day Activities!

Bucket Beauty – Let your child express her creativity by painting your beverage bucket!

What you will need:

  1. Large bucket from the dollar store or Kmart
  2. Non-toxic finger paint
  3. Smock to put over your child’s clothes (or have her wear clothes you don’t mind pain getting on)
  4. Let your child paint the buckets with stars, stripes, flowers – whatever she thinks will add festivity to your picnic!

Memorial Day Crafts & Activities!

  1. Your child will love these patriotic crafts for decorating the house or picnic area for Memorial day!
  2. Check out these short stories, coloring pages and more for Memorial Day.
  3. Take your child to visit someone in your family who has served in the military. Have your child make a card for the Vet and thank him or her for their military service.
  4. Check out your city’s local events for parades, festivities and more!

What will you be doing for the Memorial Day Holiday?

Posted May 27, 2011

by MichelleH


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  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the great ideas. Yumm I’m hungry

  3. Erica says:

    Thanks! I can use these for July 4th too!

  4. MichelleH says:

    Great idea Erica!

  5. Jenna says:

    Great list! There’s some more good Memorial Day coloring pages at

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