Motherhood with an Artistic Flair

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Painter Mommy relaxing with her family

We first met Dawn, @paintermommy, on Twitter. We fell in love with her artwork and her optimistic spirit and wanted to share her journey with you. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, as Dawn leads us into the world of mommyhood with an artistic flair!

We love your artwork! You do everything from painting to online design. How did you find your “inner artist”?

I have always enjoyed being creative ever since I was a little girl. I enjoyed drawing, doodling, crafting, painting, and just about anything else that allowed me to express my “inner creativity”.

You seem to have found a way to continue doing what you love as an artist and be a mom. In what ways has your work inspired being a mom & visa versa?

Being a mom and being creative really goes hand in hand for me. I am so blessed to be able to work from home right now with my graphic design business as well as go out and paint murals when I can. My kids energy always gives me inspiration. They enjoy anything creative whether it is with playdo, markers, paint, or even mud. I feel honored being able to watch my babies grow up and at the same time work at doing what I love on my own schedule.

Do you have a favorite “mom moment” that you can share with us?

There are so many “mom moments”. I have 4 small children, so those moments happen all the time and in all different ways. I enjoy the small moments the best. I have always cherished the smiles, silly words and most of all laughter. I love when my kiddies say things that make me laugh. Just recently my first-grade son came home from school and he said that there would be no school on the following day because they are having the “electric” (meaning elections). LOL! And I love when my daughter sees that it is foggy outside and she says in her serious voice “Mommy, it’s froggy outside”. These are priceless and precious moments that I will cherish forever. Everyday there is something new and I always want to be attentive to these special moments because time really does go by so quickly.

How about a favorite “artist moment”?

I will never forget when I was painting a nursery in someone’s home and they had triplet boys (around 18 months old at the time). I did a beautiful lighthouse themed mural. The mom would bring the boys into the room to see the progress and their little eyes would light up. I felt so important and so honored to be creating a space for them that they would enjoy for years to come. It makes my job worthwhile to make people happy and allow them to dream – especially children.

Any advice for first-time parents?

I would say to always be consistent and try to keep your child on a schedule. I can go on and on with advice and ideas, but I think those are what has really helped me to keep things running as smoothly as possible in my home. You can read more on my blog.

Now for a quick glance into Painter Mommy’s life. 🙂

If you could paint any scene on any surface, what would it be? I would love to paint in my own home. Yeah, I know, that is usually the case – Painters paint for everyone else, but themselves. My children have seen so many of my murals that I have done in other homes and it would be so wonderful to have the time and energy to be able to do that for them as well. I would do an eclectic mix because each child wants something different. It would be fun to bring it all together. Someday!

What’s your guilty pleasure? I don’t necessarily have a “guilty” pleasure, but I do enjoy my nighttime ME TIME. I put my children to bed by 7:30pm each night. My husband also goes to bed early because he works very early in the morning. So, when I have the house to myself, I get a plate of snacks (sometimes healthy & sometimes not 🙂 ) and I go to my room and watch TV. I do this every night and it really helps me to wind down before actually going to sleep. It is a huge pleasure for me to have some peace and quiet.

What is an instant de-stressor for you? I am a spiritual person, and the #1 way for me to de-stress is to get alone somewhere and just pray about what I am going through. It is wonderful to be able to let it go and give it to God and ask for help. We cannot always do it on our own, so it is nice to have Him to lean on.

If someone was going to write a book of your life, what would the title be? My husband always calls me SUPER MOM, so that would probably be one section in the book, but for the actual book title, I would say a great book title for my life would be More than a Conquerer. This is a part in the Bible and it hits home for me because I have been through a very rough past and I made it through to the other side. I struggled for a few years with drugs and alcohol and I faced a lot of terrible things. It is truly a miracle that I am alive and I am even able to be a mom. I am so grateful for how God saved my life and gave me a second chance.

Thanks Dawn for taking the time to be with us.

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All smiles!

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