New Sealy Crib Mattress Pads!

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One of your most important baby product’s purchase is your baby’s sleep surface. We are excited to give you more choices for your baby with our 4 new Sealy crib mattress pads!

Meet the newest Sealy Baby products:

  • The Sealy Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad offers parents two identical crib mattress pads in one pack. This crib mattress pad is 100% waterproof, which is important to parents, especially at 3 o’clock in the morning. The pinsonic quilt technology used on this pad, means there are no loose threads or stitching through the waterproof barrier. Learn more about this crib mattress pad.
  • The Sealy Allergy Protection Crib Mattress Pad helps protect your child’s sleep offering a pad with an allergen barrier. This helps prevent against asthma instigators and is hypoallergenic. Learn more about the Sealy Allergy Protection crib mattress pad.
  • The Sealy Total Stain Protectection crib mattress pad keeps stains, liquids, and odors away from baby. This pad helps keep your baby’s mattress clean and fresh. Learn more about the Sealy Total Stain Protection crib mattress pad.
  • The Sealy SecureStay crib mattress pad has a superior fit for any standard size crib mattress and also provides a waterproof barrier between your baby and their crib mattress. Learn more about the Sealy SecureStay crib mattress pad.

What is most important to you in searching for a crib mattress? Share it in the comment section below


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