Newborn Tips for the Royal Parents

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While the world waits to meet the new prince or princess, we thought we would share some of our best parenting tips for new moms and dad.

  1. Make sure your baby has a safe sleep environment:
    It’s always important to create a safe sleeping environment for a newborn. Just last month Kolcraft sponsored an event showing new mothers just what that entails. At this event, the royal couple would have learned about ASTM certified cribs, firm crib mattresses, and a lot more. You can learn all of these tips here.
  2. Establishing a Sleep Routine:
    One of our most popular blog posts to date was the 11 Best things to Do for your newborn. This included’s tips for establishing a sleep routine, practicing good hygiene, holding your baby as much as possible, and more. Check out all these tips here.
  3. Treasure the moments:
    Enjoy every second of it. We love featuring and sharing the mom and dad experience. Kate can read about a variety of experiences our Kolcraft moms and dads have had here. Also, if Kate wants to be interviewed by the Baby Matters blog team, that is welcomed as well!

At the end of the day, royal or not, we all have a special experience as first time parents.

What are some of your tips for the royal parents-to-be? Share them in the comments section!

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