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A Dynamite Valentine's Day Craft!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and while we’re searching the store shelves for the perfect card set for our kids, why not take the time to make something a little extra special for the ones in your life that make your heart go BOOM! Have you caught a theme?! That’s because we’re making Rolo dynamite, the […]

Stained Glass Jar Craft

If you have any empty jelly jars, mason jars and tissue paper hanging around, add this craft to your list of snowy day activities. It’s easy, fun, and creates something beautiful that your kids will be proud of! On today’s blog our Kolcraft kids are making stained glass jars! What you’ll need: – Mason jar […]

Kolcraft Recipe Winner: French Toast Casserole

For our Holiday Recipe Box contest we asked you to submit your favorite holiday recipes that you share with your family. The winner of this giveaway was Danielle, who entered her delicious French Toast Casserole with us! Along with her prize, we told her that we would try the recipe for ourselves and share it […]

Get Crafty This Winter With Some Paper Snowflakes!

Paper snowflakes used to be on everyone’s must-do list for the winter when they were little. They’d hang around the house or in windows, each one as different and unique as the actual snowflakes falling outside. Well, we’re bringing this craft back for you to share with your family! Making your own snowflakes always add […]