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Painting with Sidewalk Chalk

After a long Midwest winter there is nothing more blissful than warm sunshine! So the Chicago weather has us in quite a good mood. We felt obligated to take advantage such a nice day and want you to as well. Get outside with your kids and find your bliss by trying today’s activity: Sidewalk chalk paint!

Who doesn’t love covering a driveway or sidewalk in drawings? And without a messy trail of chalk? Win! All you need is corn starch, water and food dye. Using cups and a muffin tin to form a palette, we sent our Kolcraft “kids” out to test this one.

How to create your chalk paint:

  • Mix together equal amounts of corn starch and water
  • Add a few drops of food coloring.
  • The corn starch will start to settle after the chalk solution has been sitting, but all you need to do is stir it up again.

Find some good-size brushes (we bet sponge brushes would work, too) and let your artist go!

We hope you find bliss from activities with your family like this one.

Posted May 15, 2013

by Kelly


3 Responses

  1. Helga says:

    Thanks for the recipe! What fun!

  2. Gabe Nechamkin says:

    Nice painting with chalk. It good to make people make painting and learn other ways for painting. I have seen many artist doing painting with different techniques. Art is something which can make you happy from heart.

    Gabe Nechamkin

  3. Linda Bradshaw says:

    Oh what fun. My nieces love to do stuff like this when they visit for weeks at a time.

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