Seat Belt Safety During Pregnancy

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seatbelt_safety_pregnancyAs your baby bump grows it may be increasingly uncomfortable to wear a seat belt, but your seat belt is key to you and your baby’s safety. A few simple tips on how to protect your baby:

    1. Move Your Seat Back – Maintain at least a 10 inch distance between the center of your chest and the steering wheel. This may become more challenging in the late stages but is very important. If you are petite or have problems reaching the pedals, you can talk to your car dealer about installing a pedal extender.


    1. Wear Your Seat Belt Correctly –  The shoulder belt should be between your breasts and away from your neck. Secure the lap belt below your belly, across your hips and pelvic bone.


  1. Keep Your Airbag On – Your airbag is more likely to protect, rather than hurt, both you and your baby in an accident. Make sure it is functioning correctly and is on at all times.

If you are ever in an accident, no matter how minor, be sure to see your doctor right away.Drive carefully!