Secure Baby Monitor That Gives Parents Peace of Mind

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When baby is sleeping we want her safe. We have made sure she has a crib that has passed modern safety standards. That his sleep environment is free of blankets, pillows, toys, etc. That she has a crib mattress that passes industry tests. That he is sleeping on his back. The list goes on and on. One thing that can help give a parent peace of mind, is being able to hear and see baby while she sleeps.

Unfortunately, we have all heard horror stories of how our neighbors and strangers can pick up our conversations and even see into our house via our baby monitors because the signal is not secure. Digital has brought us a long way from analog, but it’s still not perfect. Enter the WiFi Baby™ monitor.

The WiFi Baby™ monitor is the most advanced baby video monitor on the market. This monitor is a wireless camera that connects to your WiFi network and offers password-protected video and audio. GENIUS! You don’t need to physically connect to a computer and it’s compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad (Android compatibility is in the works for the end of this year).

All you need prior to purchasing a WiFi Baby™ monitor is a computer, internet connection & a wireless router. We love how compact this monitor is. It is so easy to put in the nursery & not have to worry about it. The picture is very clear and you can watch baby from anywhere if you connect it to your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Things we love about the monitor:

  1. Secure signal – password protected
  2. No additional subscription required for WiFi/3G
  3. Video & audio streams to computer or phone both at home or away
  4. Clear video and sound
  5. Can be used as a nanny cam or home security device

It took a little more effort to set it up than some of the other monitors out there, but they have great tech support if needed. We think that is a small inconvenience to pay compared to the peace of mind you have from a secure signal baby monitor.

Wifi Baby 3 G retails for $272. You can find out more about it & purchase it on the Wifi Baby website.

6 Responses to “Secure Baby Monitor That Gives Parents Peace of Mind”

  1. tahlia urbinati August 16, 2011 at 8:16 am #

    this is amazing. i will definitely use this 4 my next baby :)))


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