Sesame Street Making a Difference in HIV Positive Children in Africa

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Kami HIV positive Muppet Helping Children in Africa

When we think of the loveable characters of Sesame Street, we think of Elmo teaching our children how to be potty trained or Cookie Monster teaching them to count, but rarely do we think of them talking about HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, HIV positive children in Africa is all too real. There is a fear and a stigma around HIV that keeps some of these children from receiving the help they need.

The Facts:

  1. 1 in 10 children in Africa have parents who have AIDS
  2. 5.5 Million people in Africa are infected with the AIDS virus
  3. Most suffer in silence out of stigma, fear and lack of knowledge

Sesame Street is doing what they do best – educating our children. Kami, an HIV positive Muppet, helps to break the silence around HIV/AIDS that keeps so many from seeking and receiving care. She makes it okay to ask questions, to be educated and to get help. Millions of children have received help because of Kami. We love that Sesame Street is making a difference in children’s lives where it is needed most.