Sidewalk Splat Painting

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If you have kids that LOVE to do crafts and try new things this activity is the right one for you! Homemade chalk/paint is fantastic because it is inexpensive to make, and there are endless ways to play.


Materials Needed for this Activity
• Party balloons (or water balloons)
• A Pumponator (or an old shampoo bottle with a pump on top)
• Cornstarch
• Water
• Food coloring or liquid Watercolors
• Optional: Baking soda and vinegar

It is as easy as mixing roughly three tablespoons of cornstarch, half a cup of water, and few drops of food coloring into the Pumponator. This combination creates around two to three full size balloons (not water balloons). If you want to make the chalk fizzy, add baking soda into the Pumponator.

Drawing a chalk target is another great idea to make a fun game out of the balloons!

The great part is that everything rises off with water!

What are your favorite chalk “recipes”?

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