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Summer Reading Time

Summer brings extra time to be outdoors, to play, to picnic and to read! Good reading habits are developed during your child’s early stages of development. By encouraging your child to read, by setting time aside to read to your child or have your child read to you and by taking them to bookstores or the library, you are instilling in them the tools for good reading skills that will carry them through school and their adult years.

One way to make a trip to your local library or bookstore special, is to have your child design  his or her own canvas bag for books. We love the inexpensive bags at Oriental Trading.

What you need:
• Canvas bag
• Non toxic fabric markers or paint
• Disposable table cloth to cover the surface where your child is designing his or her bag

Ask your child how he or she would like to decorate their special book bag.  Perhaps they would like to draw a character from a favorite book or make their own version of modern art and splash different colors on the bag. You can also change things up by decorating with felt or foam cutouts or embellishments that you can buy at any craft store. You can also make your bag decorating into a party by inviting over a few of your child’s friends to decorate bags with you.

Plan a trip to your library or local bookstore so your child can carry their books in their newly decorated bag. By using this bag just for “book trips” you are teaching your child that book time is special.

A few other benefits of having a special book bag:
• Storing library books in bag between trips will help them not get lost.
• Walking to your library or bookstore will add a touch of fitness to your day. You and your child will have the double benefit of exercise and reading time!
• Using a canvas bag instead of plastic will teach your child about being green.

What ways do you make reading time special for your child?

Posted June 16, 2010

by MichelleH


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  1. Great article. I am a true believer in reading to your children at a very young age. My son is in second grade and has been reading above his grade level since he began to read. I encourage every parent to read to their child not only at bedtime but during quiet time, etc. And take your children to the library or a bookstore. Get them their own library card. You will be amazed at just how much they grow into the love of reading. : )

  2. admin says:

    We couldn’t agree more Melissa. Reading is foundational to so many other skills. Congrats on instilling that in your child!

  3. Kim says:

    I love this idea! How cute would it be to save it for when they are all grown up! :)

  4. Twee Poppets says:

    This is a terrific idea! It seems like a great way to encourage reading and show kids how special and wonderful it is. :)

  5. admin says:

    Thanks Twee Poppets. Great to have you as a Kolcraft fan.

  6. admin says:

    Cubby Cheeks – that is a GREAT idea to save it for when they are grown up. Thanks for sharing!

  7. julieh says:

    Great article. I think reading time is an incredible way to bond with the kids. We make it a ritual every night before bed.

  8. Danetta says:

    I agree, great article! I am so happy that my son loves to read. I have always loved reading and I always hoped that my love of reading would “rub off” on him. I’m so glad it did! We love to read together every night before bed. When my son picks out a book to read, we will take turns reading pages or chapters (depending on how long the book is) or if there are different characters in the book, we will each pick a character and read the parts for that particular character. My son loves it that way. I always make sure to speak as the character would speak (high voice, low voice, funny, squeaky, etc)

  9. Kellie Conklin says:

    I loved this article! We just signed up for our library’s summer book program and I hadn’t thought of using a decorated canvas bag to tote our (lots!) of books home in. I like that the child is involved in doing the decorating, which (at least here) makes them want to use the bag even more! Reading is so important for children and i loved reading these book tips in the summer! We love to read outside to include the nice weather in our fun.

  10. admin says:

    Glad you liked it. Great idea about reading outside & taking advantage of the summer weather! You are giving your children a real gift with supporting good reading habits.
    Thanks for being a Kolcraft fan,

  11. admin says:

    Love your idea of taking on different characters. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  12. admin says:

    It really is a great way to bond. Love that you have made it a bedtime ritual!

  13. lilshuga2001 says:

    Excellent Idea! Thanks so much for posting this!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing this idea! I’m hoping to develop a love for books in my little one.

  15. Julie L says:

    I found this article very informative-plan on using the info soon :)

  16. R Hicks says:

    This is a good article on encouraging your kid to read. Really like the book bag décorating. It makes the experience of reading fun for the kids and parents happy!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  17. Sonya says:

    This is a great idea! Each of my kids currently have a library bag but it would be so much more special if they decorated it themselves!

  18. DanV says:

    We build in reading time every day

  19. Chrysa says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips. We love books and always read before naptime and bedtime, as well as other times throughout the day.

  20. Julie Jones says:

    I think this is a great idea! My daughter is four years old and we are planning on putting her in pre school in the fall. This would be a great activity to get her excited about arts and crafts and I would love her to be able to read a few words before going. I want her to be the smartest kid in class!

  21. Tara V says:

    I have 5 kids and all (except the baby) love to read. We use Mondays as our library day and make sure to visit every single Monday for new books. We do it all year long to keep the kids interested in reading.

  22. admin says:

    We applaud your great work. That is so wonderful that you are giving your children the gift & love for reading!

  23. admin says:

    We have no doubt that with your attentiveness & encouragement, your daughter will be a star. Keep us posted on her progress!

  24. admin says:

    Yeah Chrysa!
    You are opening up new worlds for your children through love of reading.

  25. admin says:

    We are sure that makes all the difference for your kids. A little time each day is great!

  26. admin says:

    Thanks Ardy! We love making learning fun!

  27. admin says:

    Thanks Lilshuga. Great to have you as a Kolcraft fan!

  28. admin says:

    Glad you found it helpful Julie!
    Thanks for being a Kolcraft fan,

  29. admin says:

    You are welcome. We are sure your little one will be loving books in no time!

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