Summer Safety Tips

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Summer brings the joy of the outdoors and in order to enjoy it safely we have to remember sun safety tips and how to avoid other summertime accidents that can put a damper on summer fun.

  1. Keep Heat in Check – Kids love to play outside and sometimes forget that with heat comes heat exhaustion. Make sure your child is constantly re-hydrating with water while playing outside.
  2. Banish Bugs – Prevent pesty mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs from having a feeding frenzy on your child. Be sure to spray them with insect repellent when they are outside during high bug times.
  3. Poison Control – make sure your children know what poison oak and poison ivy look like so they can avoid it. If they do come in contact with it, be sure to wash the area with soap and water for ten minutes and apply calamine lotion. Always call a doctor to make sure it doesn’t turn into anything serious.

What summer safety tips do you have to share?