Rainy day fun!

With winter months nearing the end, most parents are anxiously awaiting the return of warmer days. It will be such a relief to go outside without the major hassle of extra clothes and gear only to get outside and have to come back in. After so many months and multiple snow days for many (poor […]

Valentine’s Day Projects

February 14th is just around the corner, hooray for Valentine’s Day! For most kids, this means hearts and (if they’re lucky) chocolates. It’s easy to purchase decorations and sweets at a party store but there are many great ideas for homemade items that kids will enjoy. Check out our Love Dynamite from last year! 1. Homemade Cards: There are endless options of […]

Fun with Color

Crayons are a great way to teach kids color but we thought it might be fun to explore other teachable moments by thinking outside the box (pun intended). Color is a big concept for children. Most toddlers are just starting to understand that different words apply to different objects, and then the idea of color comes along. […]