Toasty Mits with Homemade Knits

Spring is starting to peak through the cold and dreary winter weather, but plenty of below-freezing days are still ahead before we can pack up our hats and gloves for good. And while the worst may be over with, we still need to keep warm! Which is why on today’s blog we’re showing you how […]

A Dynamite Valentine's Day Craft!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and while we’re searching the store shelves for the perfect card set for our kids, why not take the time to make something a little extra special for the ones in your life that make your heart go BOOM! Have you caught a theme?! That’s because we’re making Rolo dynamite, the […]

Snow Day Solutions!

‘Tis the season for snow days! They’re always fun for kids, but for parents they can be exhausting and stressful. So to help keep the peace and sanity for the rest of the season, here are a few ideas to keep the family busy when you’re snowed in! – Make snow ice cream! It’s yummy, […]

Homemade Holiday Cards

Christmas is right around the corner, and we may not be as creative as this family, but we’re breaking out the glitter pens and adding a personal – and sparkly – touch to our holiday cards this year! All you and your family will need for this project is construction paper, scissors, glue, paint, glitter, […]