Take a Hike with Your Kids and Pack a Healthy Trail Mix

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Who knew there is a day devoted to trail mix? We thought that this special day would be the perfect opportunity to get outside with your children and  take a hike while eating a healthy trail mix snack!

Tips for planning a hike:

  1. Pick someplace where you would like to hike/walk with your children. This can be a trail at a nature preserve, a beach or lake, a forest, a meadow,etc.
  2. Plan a theme for your hike. You can go bird watching, rock hunting , seashell finding, bug discovery, etc. Do some quick online research on your theme before you go so you can identify some of the things you are looking for (i.e. birds in your area, rocks in your area, etc.)
  3. Bring some water and a healthy trail mix snack. We love these trail mix ideas from the Healthy Kids Snacks website.

What ideas do you have for a healthy hike and snacks for kids?


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