The Artistic View of A Mom

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Lindaanne sharing a special summer moment with her daughter

Some moms approach life with an extra flair for the beautiful. We found Lindaanne to be one of those moms. She is an artist, a designer and a photographer. We were drawn in by her sketches, her clothing line and her sense of beauty so we had to introduce her to our Kolcraft fans.

Lindaanne, we love your artwork, your clothing line and your web designs! Oh, did we mention your sketches? How did you find your “inner artist”? I found it as a child, probably, with my vivid imagination. I am forever coming up with ideas – good ideas, bad ideas, so-so ideas. I like to think it comes naturally for me. I also have some wonderful creative friends who inspire me, not to mention the world around me. Creating something out of nothing is a great joy and challenge for me – whether it’s art for art sake or art for a reason.

What artistic work do you like doing best? I love everything that I do. It’s not just one, but a culmination of everything that completes me.

In what ways has your work inspired being a mom & visa versa? I hope, as a mom, I have given my daughter various possibilities of perceiving the world in a more creative mindfulness. To appreciate the present/future visual and philosophical changes around her, yet remembering the beautiful aspects of the past. My daughter, in turn, taught me to see her colorful imaginary and real world through her lovely precocious eyes. She inspired me to be a child again.

Do you have a favorite “mom moment” that you can share with us? There are so many treasured moments: hugging and kissing her, her hugs and kisses always, our wonderful conversations. She forever persisted that she wanted a real unicorn for a pet. I had to tell her, again and again, I couldn’t get one for her, which made her very sad. Her very first mother’s day present for me, which I still have – a pair of porcelain unicorns.

How about a favorite “artist moment”? When a big publishing company asked me to illustrate and design my first book.

Any advice for moms who are trying to balance work and motherhood? A positive attitude is very important, determination, passion, scheduling, child-care you can trust, a set of priorities. The balance between work and motherhood can be frustrating and daunting at times, if not downright depressing. But keep in mind the positive reasons why and who you are doing it for. When you look back years from now, you’ll be proud of all your accomplishments . . . . I mean, you actually did it.

Now for a quick glance into Lindaanne’s life. 🙂

If you could design the ultimate baby nursery, what would it look like? The only aesthetic thing I ever wanted for my daughter’s nursery were blue skies with white fluffy quiet clouds (on the walls) surrounding her. As long as she had that, nothing else mattered.

But with that said: one of the most important essentials would be a nice kolcraft cozy soft mattress in a beautiful white crib for baby’s good night sleep and well-being. White curtains to shade the sun, white bedding, a colorful hanging mobile of peter rabbit & his friends. Framed nursery rhyme themes hanging on the walls.

What’s your guilty pleasure? A nice glass of red wine

What is an instant de-stressor for you? Dancing to my favorite music.

What is something that is always in your fridge? Orange juice

If someone was going to write a book of your life, what would the title be? Determination.