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The Importance of Folic Acid in Pregnancy

We just celebrated Folic Acid Awareness week, but the importance of Folic Acid goes beyond one week of awareness.

Folic Acid is needed during pregnancy to make the extra blood your body needs. It is critical in preventing neural tube defects and in helping with the development of your baby’s brain. Doctors recommend that women of child bearing age take 400 micrograms of Folic Acid daily. You can get this in a multivitamin. or in the following foods are also rich in Folic Acid:

  • Leafy green vegetables, such as a large spinach salad
  • Citrus fruits, such as orange juice
  • Beans
  • Breads*
  • Cereals
  • Rice
  • Pastas*

*Whole wheat breads and pastas also carry with it other health benefits such as heart health, increased fiber, etc.

Test your Folic Acid IQ with this fun test.

Posted January 11, 2011

by MichelleH

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