Three Fun Summer Water Activities for Kids

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With temperatures crawling over 90 degrees across the US, a little water fun can help active kids keep cool and entertained.  Today’s Fun Friday features three quick and easy water ideas you can try out this weekend!

1. Water Coloring – get some bathtub crayons and head outside. Go wild drawing on your child’s arms, legs, feet, face and tummy. Let them do the same to you. Run through the sprinkler, wash off & start again!
2. Marco Polo – remember this game from your childhood days? Teach your children an old favorite. Head to a pool or lake, play a few rounds of Marco Polo. Whomever manages to be “it” the least, becomes King Poseidon or Queen Ariel of the pool. You can even buy a crown from the Dollar Store to crown them for the day. The crown can get passed to the new King or Queen in the next round.
3. Water Tag – bring cooling off to a new level with super soakers! Play tag, but instead of tagging each other with your hand, tag each other with a stream of water. It is a fun way to cool off and get your exercise. We noticed that our local grocery stores have super soakers available for as little as $4.00!

What ways are you keeping cool this summer?