Tips For Taking Kids to MLB Games

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One memory of summer is attending major league baseball games! Whether you are a Cubs, White Sox, Yankees, or Red Sox fan, we have learned a few tricks and tips that will make taking kids to professional baseball games fun for the WHOLE family!


Tickets: Look out for package deals. On the MLB Website, there will usually be a family night that sometimes includes a food deal with hot dogs or some kind of snack. Some stadiums even have a family section that you are able to sit in, but not all of them have it.

Team Spirit: Dress up in your favorite team gear to show your team spirit! Even creating a homemade sign is exciting. The more that you show the love for your team, your chances of being shown of television increases, which is VERY cool to your kids!

Know the Stadium Before You Attend the Game: Find out what is happening around the stadium to familiarize yourself with the area. It will lessen your stress when you arrive to the stadium. You do not want to be the ones to miss the first pitch!

Bring Activities: If your kids tend to get a little restless, bring a few games with you so that they can play in their seats!

Ball Park Activities: Most teams have some form of Kid’s Day or Night. It is typically advertised on the team’s schedule. On day’s that have Kid’s Day/Night make sure you get to the stadium early so you are able to play games and get great prizes that your kids will enjoy!

Ballpark Culture: If it is your child’s first time at the ballpark, walk around with them and appreciate the architecture and history that is around the stadium. If there is a stadium museum, visit it! Talk to the fans. There is always amazing history and stories surrounding baseball culture!


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