Toasty Mits with Homemade Knits

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Spring is starting to peak through the cold and dreary winter weather, but plenty of below-freezing days are still ahead before we can pack up our hats and gloves for good. And while the worst may be over with, we still need to keep warm! Which is why on today’s blog we’re showing you how to make quick, easy and cheap hand warmers!

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Materials needed:
– Enough fabric of choice to cut out four pieces that are around 2 inches
– Scissors
– Needle and thread
– Rice

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Step one: We had some old kitchen towels hanging around that hadn’t been used in years, so we decided to give them a new life! Eyeballing the size needed to snugly fit into a child’s mitten, cut out your pieces. We did one hand warmer at a time, so we cut two pieces at once and traced those to get the other one to equal size.
Step two: You can pin the two pieces together to keep them in place, or hope for the best like we did! Using a simple stitch, go around the edges of the fabric, leaving about an inch opening for the rice. Do not cut your thread yet. (You could also make these with a sewing machine, but we didn’t have one immediately available, so we made do!)

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Step three: Making sure the opening is wide enough to make sure the rice goes into the pouch and not all over your work space, pour in about 2 tablespoons; just enough to fill it without it bursting at the stitches.
Step four Make your final stitches to close the opening. Cut and tie your ends. Repeat for a matching pair.

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To use: Heat your hand warmers in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Make sure not to overheat, as this can cause burning.

You can make this out of any other fabrics you have laying around your house; old socks, shirts, sheets, etc. We made them in a few different shapes, so feel free to get creative. You can even make bigger ones to use for headaches or other pains!


Give these cute hand warmers a try and stay warm until we can safely come out of winter hibernation!

Do you have any other activities to get you and your family through the end of winter? Let us know what they are on here, Facebook and Twitter!

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