Today is National S'mores Day

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National S'mores Day

Today is national s’mores day and what better thing to do on a summer night than  make some s’mores? S’mores (meaning “some more”) have been synonymous with summer since their debut in the early 1900’s. Traditionally  s’mores are made by melting a marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers. There have been varying recipes for s’mores including s’more clusters, s’more cookies, s’more pizzas and the list goes on.

This past weekend we discovered a new twist on s’mores when we met Lisa from General Mills at BlogHer. She introduced us to the Nature Valley Granola Thins. These scrumptious granola squares have a thin layer of chocolate or peanut butter. One bite and you will be hooked. And at only 80 calories, they are a healthy alternative to other snack choices. We loved the idea of using the chocolate Granola Thins for s’mores since you won’t have a giant bar of chocolate and box of graham crackers left over! We also are hooked on how the granola gives a little twist to the traditional s’more.

Easy recipe for Nature Valley Granola Thins S’mores
1. Roast marshmallow over open flame until it turns golden brown.
2. Select two dark chocolate Granola Things. Try the peanut butter flavor as a tasty alternative. You can even use one of each!
3. Place the marshmallow inside the two thins, granola side out, and enjoy!

You can also prepare the s’more, wrap it in aluminum foil and place it on the grill.

What s’more recipes do you have to share?