Toy Inventors Connecting Families on a New Level with FamZoom

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RMDHCharlie and Maria Girsch have teamed up with the Ronald McDonald House Charities in a crowdfunding campaign called “Donate Dollars for iPads for Ronald McDonald Houses.” This campaign offers an amazing new way of connecting with Ronald McDonald House families called FamZoom.
The beauty of FamZoom is the ability to let both ends interact in real time; whatever happens on one display instantly appears on the other. Whether it be a brother coloring with his sister, an aunt helping their niece do her homework, or a grandmother reading a bedtime story to her grandchild, they are able to do it together.
The creators of this new app know plenty about children and families; they are award-winning toy inventors, creativity consultants, parents and grandparents. When talking about other communication methods, such as Skype or phone calls, Maria said they “quickly became awkward. The kids often got super silly or super shy. So we invented FamZoom to provide something simple, colorful and engrossing to do.” Girsch's
Communication between children and their families is critical during recovery and FamZoom is instrumental in making that possible. By visiting this website you can donate to Charlie and Maria’s great campaign. Any donation is appreciated and will go towards bringing peace of mind and comfort to families that are in need. The Ronald McDonald House Charities strive to help as many families as they can and your donation can contribute to making that possible.
The Ronald McDonald House and their families will be the first to experience FamZoom’s virtual family room and it will soon be available on Apple’s iPad, followed by Android and HTML5 devices. For more information and to see how FamZoom will work, visit

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