Under the Microscope with Dad Labs

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Dad Labs – is it a lab where dads are grown? Well, sort of. 🙂 It’s a very hip, get all sorts of info, witty, smart, fun site all about dads for dads. We can’t contain our excitement over this site and had to share our interview with Daddy Troy who is one of the dads from Dad Labs.

We love the whole idea of a web space (forums, blog, video) for Dads. Can you share with us the “birth story” of Dad Labs?

We were all friends before we had kids, working as teachers at a school in Austin. Then everything changed: kids. One night we were all hanging out and realized that a lot of the things we were reading about “parenting” were actually for moms and that as men we were participating in the parenting adventure differently than previous generations. Dad Labs was born, and we left teaching for an even bigger classroom.

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing dads today?

In the history of humankind, there is little to no precedent to men being as involved in parenting and in the domestic space. As a result, there is no playbook or communal wisdom for us as dads. So we are figuring it out – what does it look like to be a man who parents and participates in the home alongside his partner?

What would you say is one of the most important things a dad can do in supporting his partner in raising his children?

Be deliberate. It is human nature to think that parenting just happens. Instead of following the path of “My parents did it, and I turned out ok, so I will just approximate what they did,” do your homework. Engage with friends and experts. Read about human, specifically kid, psychology. There is a lot more research and thought about parenting now and even if it does not speak to you, at least you will have thought about it and act accordingly.

We want to get to know the 3 dads behind Dad Labs so we are going to fire off random questions. 🙂

Which dad at Dad Labs is the most serious/intense? Daddy Troy

Who of you is most likely to goof off during a video shoot? Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad share this honor.

Who comes up with the craziest ideas? Daddy Owen

What was one of the biggest misconceptions you had about being a dad when you were expecting your first child? When you have a child, you know your life will change. But the misconception is that you will be adding a child to the mix when in reality the whole mix changes. Your life, who you hang out with, how you spend your alone time, your relationship to your partner – it all gets rewritten.

What child rearing stage has been the most difficult? The one you are in now. Right when you figure it out, your child will change.

If all 3 of you dads had a day to yourselves to chillax together, what would you do? Early Happy Hour on the deck at Opal Divines.

What is your must have baby care product? According to Daddy Brad, who has a baby right now – Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®

What’s the one baby duty you would swap out in a New York minute? Don’t fence me in here – gotta share in all the duties. But if I had to choose, laundry was particularly difficult in the baby stage since my wife and I have different standards of cleanliness, and to meet here standards I had to go the extra mile.

If someone was going to put Dad Labs to music, what genre would they use and what would the title of the song be? Its going to sound cheesy, but I am serious about this one. There are many dad’s on our site, and they all have their own soundtrack. We are working hard to create spaces for lots of different types of dads. One of the problems in the emerging world of new fatherhood is that, just like motherhood, there are many ways, types, methods and opinions. What unites us is our interest in our kids.