Understanding Your Baby's Personality

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While waiting for baby we often wonder, “Will she be curious like me? Will he be chilled out like his dad?” We wonder what our baby’s personality will be like as he or she grows into a toddler, child and adult.

Your baby is born with some traits and others he will pick up from his environment. A few things you can observe to see what your baby’s personality may be like.

  1. Schedule – Does your baby seem to operate on clockwork – eating, sleeping, etc. on a schedule – or does she tend to be more unpredictable? While all babies need structure and schedule, some need a more rigorous schedule so be sure to respect that. If she is unpredictable, she will fight a rigid schedule. Give her routine, but be flexible.
  2. Activity – Does your baby seem bored easily or does too much activity make him cranky? If your baby gets bored and tends to be on the move, be extra careful that there isn’t anything that can be a hazard to baby – flipping out of bouncy seats, putting things in mouth, etc. Your little guy is adventurous, be sure to keep his play area safe. If your he is more on calm, low activity level have toys for him to play with, but don’t overwhelm him with too much.
  3. Party Time – Does your baby seem to trust anyone and everyone who pinches her cheeks or does she seem to be cautious of everyone except mommy and daddy? If your baby is super social, join playgroups and take her on outings. If she seems shy watch her reaction and don’t force her into uncomfortable situations with “strangers”. Give her time to warm up to the people and environment around her before letting others hold her.

These are just three traits that will give you clues into your baby’s temperament. The important thing is not to label your baby, but to look at clues into personality so you can interact accordingly. Remember that your baby is growing and changing every day just like any person changes from day to day. Have fun discovering and embracing who your baby is as he and his world unfold every day.