Vacation or Stay-Cation Family Activities

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The canon of Spring Breaks are coming and whether you’re taking your kids on a vacation or making it a week-long stay-cation, we have some tips to make it a memorable and fun time for everyone!

First, if you’re still deciding where you want to go, check out Parent’s list of family friendly vacation spots to get you out of the cold!
Second, if you’re making the Mecca to Disney World, here are five tips for your sanity’s survival family’s enjoyment!
Third, if your mode of transportation is by car, follow our three tips for a family-friendly road trip!
Fourth, have the whole family pitch in for a little Spring Cleaning! Tackle chores one room at a time, with a fun activity or reward at the end of it! It’ll keep the family involved and it’ll get the house clean!
Fifth, try that craft or recipe you’ve always wanted to do! Like homemade goldfish, or making a hovercraft!
Lastly, don’t forget your lightweight strollers for your trip! Check out the new Jeep Cherokee Sport stroller or the Cloud Umbrella Stroller to get you and your family around.

What are your Spring Break plans? Let us know and give us your tips here, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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