Valentine's Love for Moms & Dads

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It’s that special day of the year when we celebrate love – love for our significant others, our children and our friends. Today Kolcraft wants to celebrate all parents who every day teach us what love is all about. You have taught us about:

  1. Cherishing the moments that make up our day whether that is a spontaneous hug from a child, a helping hand from a friend or a quiet moment with the one we love.
  2. Not sweating the small stuff because there will always be things that “go wrong”. It is a matter of seeing past that and looking at the bigger picture.
  3. Having a sense of humor at ourselves, our kids and just life in general because laughter keeps us young & healthy!
  4. Accepting ourselves with all our positive, beautiful aspects as well as the things that are still “in progress”.
  5. Celebrating parenting because life is too short not to celebrate!

A special Valentine thank you to all our wonderful Kolcraft fans who teach us parenting lessons of love every day. We hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with hugs, kisses and love that makes your heart smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day!