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Welcome to Kolcraft’s New Baby Matter’s Blog!

Tom Koltun, President, and Sanfred Koltun, CEO, with members of the Kolcraft Family

Welcome to Kolcraft’s New Website!  Born February 17th, 2010 and weighing in at 31 pages, our new website gives us an opportunity to engage more with you. Through our new Baby Matters blog you will hear from different parents who share their wisdom with us, meet fun and knowledgeable people from our team at Kolcraft, learn about the newest baby gear products and receive the latest news on parenting.

You may have noticed that in addition to our blog, our website has another new sibling, our new Parent Resource Center.  Our Parent Resource Center contains parenting tips, a family photo album where you can share your magical moments, guides to help you select the perfect product for your baby, and much more!

Through these online avenues, we want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. Please help us “feed” our new baby with your thoughts and ideas so this blog and our other social media sites become your “home” where you feel free to talk about your amazing parenting experiences. By listening to you, we know we will continue to create innovative “must have” baby gear for your family and learn so much more along the way.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and going on this online parenting journey with you…no stroller necessary for this ride!

Tom Koltun, President of Kolcraft

Posted January 11, 2010

by MichelleH


16 Responses

  1. LOVE the new site!!! It looks great!

  2. Karen Heny says:

    Welcome to Blog World! I am going to be a first time grandma in 2 months so have been visiting your website quite a bit and now am off to check things out on Twitter!

  3. Pete says:

    Love your new site especially the Parent Resource Center! I look forward to many more great things from Kolcraft.

  4. kristin says:

    So glad to see a Kolcraft blog! I’ll join you on the journey. :)

  5. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Glad to have you here with us at Baby Matters!

  6. Merrie L. says:

    And we welcome you! By the way, Bookroomreviews sent me… I never realized that Jeep even made baby products… and the Jeep Renegade Walker is so cute!! ~ Merrie

  7. Darcie K says:

    Welcome! Bookroomreviews sent me!

  8. Michelle says:

    Welcome Merrie & Darcie! Great to have you here. We love our Jeep products & are happy to share them with you! Michelle

  9. Nikki says:

    I was sent over here by Life Happens During Naptime – I never realized that the Jeep Walker was one of yours! We LOVE it! My sister gave me the one they had for their youngest son and my Cubby LOVE LOVES LOVES it. He can now climb in it on his own, but doesn’t realize that he needs to WALK with it anymore. LOL!!! Thanks, Kolcraft!!!

  10. Heather says:

    Hi! I was sent here by Life Happens Diring Naptime. I was looking at your website and really liked the sesame street high chair, it is just sooooo adorable. And your tandem strollers sound so amazing. I have been looking all over for the perfect double stroller since I will be having my second baby in July, but I just haven’t been successful in finding the right one. I think I might purchase this stroller if I dont win it from Life Happens During Naptimes giveaway blog! Thanks, Kolcraft!

    -Heather McClain

  11. Michelle says:

    WELCOME! So glad you love our products -we love our customers & it’s great to have you here. We look forward to your comments. Good luck in the contest!

  12. Michelle says:

    Thanks for visiting our site. We agree that our Sesame Street products are adorable. :) Congrats on having another baby. We love how many options our Contours tandem gives parents. Best of luck in the contest!

  13. Jessica says:

    This looks like it’s going to be a great well organized and informative blog! I’m so glad I just found it through Bookroom Reviews!

  14. admin says:

    Thanks! It’s great to have you here. Good luck with the contest & we look forward to hearing from you more. :)

  15. Heather says:

    I look forward to getting to know more about your brand through your blog!

  16. admin says:

    Thanks Heather! We look forward to getting to know you too. :)

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