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It is that most wonderful time of the year when we indulge in family, food and festivity. Kolcraft would like to help out with the expenses that come with this most wonderful time of the year by having a fun, Thanksgiving craft contest.

What to do:

  1. With the following supplies, make a Thanksgiving craft.
  2. You can only use the listed supplies to make your craft. You don’t have to use all the supplies, but you can’t add any.
  3. Your craft can take on any Thanksgiving theme and can be decorative or functional.
  4. Feel free to have your children help and note that when you enter the contest.
  5. Take  a photo of your Thanksgiving creation & add it to Kolcraft’s facebook page.
  6. Entries will be judged on creativity and thoughtfulness.
  7. Contest ends at midnight CST next Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011.
  8. A winner will be announced on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011.

Supplies you can use:

  1. Empty toilet paper or paper towel tube
  2. Black marker
  3. Pipe cleaner (any color)
  4. Orange felt
  5. Yellow construction paper
  6. Red, green, brown crayons
  7. Googly eyes
  8. Glitter (any color)
  9. Glue, tape, and scissors

Have fun! We can’t wait to see your Thanksgiving Craft.

Posted November 16, 2011

by MichelleH


11 Responses

  1. acpoison says:

    What a fun idea!
    How many of each supply are allowed, for example, how many pipe cleaners?

  2. MichelleH says:

    As many as you like :) Have fun & good luck!

  3. Eden Folwell says:

    Just finished making a Thanksgiving wreath. This was fun! Thanks for hosting this contest. :)

  4. Stephanie Pearson says:

    I posted 3 crafts under one post…is that ok?? I thought they’d show up separately :/ Thanks for such a great contest – always fun to get creative with the kids!!

  5. MichelleH says:

    Love the wreath Eden! Thanks for entering our contest!

  6. MichelleH says:

    Not a problem Stephanie. We will count that as 3 entries. Thanks for being part of our contest!

  7. Jessica says:

    I love this contest!

  8. Kristel says:

    Has the winner been announced yet?

  9. MichelleH says:

    Not yet, the judges are still “in session”

  10. MichelleH says:

    Winner is announced on our Facebook page. Thanks to all who entered the contest!

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