You, Your Kids, Your Pets & the Gulf Oil Spill

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We all have seen the recent BP oil well blowout spewing oil into the ocean, killing wildlife, throwing our ecosystem off balance and causing gas prices to soar. It may seem that there is little we can do to help, but you’d be surprised what you can do!

Are you or your children in need of a haircut? Is Fido in need of a trip to the groomers? Your hair and  your dog’s hair/fur can be used to make mats that are used to soak up the oil spill! Many beauty salons, barber shops, and pet groomers are joining the cause to help clean up the spill.

Don’t need a haircut? You can also donate nylons to the cause or spread the word at your child’s school or local community organizations. (Matter of Trust has resources for this!)

The Gulf oil spill is indeed overwhelming, but we can all do our part to help clean up our oceans and care for our earth. What ways have you and your child promoted caring for our earth? Please share your ideas with us!