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Looking for information on nursery purchases? Check out our crib buying guide for safety tips and crib mattress dimensions to make sure everything fits!

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How do I know if this crib mattress will fit my baby’s crib?

Cribs sold in the USA have standardized size requirements. Crib mattresses are designed to fit snugly
inside a USA standard  size crib. The best thing to do is to measure your crib to make sure it is in
compliance. If it is, you should have no issue fitting a crib mattress snugly inside.

How do I measure my crib?

Measure the INTERIOR of your crib to the below specifications. If your crib measures any smaller or
   larger, you need to contact the crib manufacturer as your crib is not
made to legal specifications.

Crib dimensions are dictated by Federal Law and the American Society for Testing and Materials
   (ASTM).  USA standard-size cribs, by law, are required to have interior dimensions of 28 inches
   wide ( give or take 5/8 inches) and 52 3/8 inches long (give or take 5/8 inches).

The inside of your crib should measure between 27 3/8 to 28 5/8 inches wide and 51 ¾ to 53 inches
   long. Mattresses are designed to be slightly smaller to allow them to fit within these tolerances.

Benefits of a Crib Mattress Pad
Because babies and growing toddlers spend much of their time sleeping, it’s imperative to have a quality crib,
crib mattress and bedding accessories, including crib mattress pads!  Crib mattress pads provide an additional
layer of quilted comfort and help keep baby’s mattress protected from leaky messes for lasting use.  Convenience,
comfort and protection are just some of the many benefits of a crib mattress pad.   

Protection - A crib mattress pad provides added protection for your crib and toddler bed mattress against liquids
and leaky messes, helping to create a more sanitary sleeping surface for baby.  Waterproof barriers and stain
repellent quilted tops help in keeping stains and liquids off of the mattress.  

Convenience - Easy-to-clean crib mattress pads are machine washable and dryer friendly for convenient clean-ups. 
Instead of cleaning a crib mattress after messes, the crib mattress pad can be quickly thrown in the wash.  It’s helpful
to keep a second mattress pad on hand.

Comfort- Quilted crib mattress pads provide an additional layer of cushioning and safe softness to help keep babies
and toddlers comfortable throughout the night.

Technology- Many crib mattress pads are technology driven to provide baby with the latest in sleep innovation. 
Temperature regulating fabrics can provide cooling comfort for your little one, while some crib mattress pads repel
stains and odors for a cleaner, fresher sleeping surface for baby. 

Natural Options- An organic cotton top is perfect for families who love a luxurious yet natural softness for baby. 
Natural crib mattress pad options can provide a plush sleeping surface with superior absorbency.

What to Look for in a Crib Mattress Pad

A crib mattress pad helps protect your baby and toddler bed mattress from liquids and messes, while providing an
additional layer of comfort.  When purchasing a crib mattress pad to help protect your toddler or baby’s mattress,
here are some things to look for.

Fitted Skirt - The crib mattress pad should have a deep pocketed, stretchy skirt that safely wraps all the way under
your baby’s mattress.  This will prevent any sliding, shifting or bunching.   

Easy clean - A machine washable and dryer friendly crib mattress pad makes clean-ups quick and easy!  Be sure to
have at least one additional pad on hand for use while the other is in the wash.  Some mattress pads have a waterproof
barrier too!

Flat Surface - It’s essential to find a crib mattress pad with no raised or bumpy designs that could create a hazardous
sleep environment.  A crib mattress pad with a flat surface helps keep baby safe and protected.

Quilted Comfort - Keep baby cozy and comfortable with a quilted top crib mattress pad.

While your crib mattress pad should have a fitted skirt, be easy to clean, and create a flat surface for baby, there are
many options on the market that have additional benefits for baby.

Hypoallergenic - Hypoallergenic materials help protect babies and toddlers from allergens.

Organic or Natural - Some crib mattress pads feature an organic cotton top for natural comfort for baby.

Cooling Comfort - Crib mattress pads with temperature regulating fabric can adapt to baby’s body temperature to keep
your little one cool and comfortable by absorbing and evaporating moisture.

Stain Repellent - Some crib mattress pads feature added stain protection, to repel and release stains and odors to further
protect baby’s mattress.

Encasement - A crib mattress encasement is a popular item to use underneath a crib mattress pad. Not only do
encasements provide waterproof protection, but they guard against household allergens and bed bugs! Look for a
laboratory tested encasement that zips all the way around the crib mattress to protect infants and toddlers toddler from
allergens, pet dander, bed bugs and other asthma instigators.