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The Sealy Cozy Cool Hybrid 2-Stage Coil & Gel crib mattress combines the best of both worlds--a long lasting innerspring coil system plus a cozy soybean cool gel memory foam topper.
  • CoolTex  two-tone cover is soft and luxurious, helping to enhance the cool feel of the gel underneath and keep baby comfortable
  • This hybrid design combines both nature and technology with a sturdy innerspring coil system plus soybean cool gel memory foam
  • Infant side is firmer with hypoallergenic cushioning and an anti-sag weight distribution system
  • Toddler side is softer with a soybean cool gel memory foam layer that helps create a cozy cool environment
  • Soybeans are a renewable resource and help create a comfortable foam with a natural touch
  • EverEdge corner and side protectors add support to key areas
  • PVC-free cover is both liquid and stain-resistant for a more sanitary sleeping surface
  • Core offers durable 204 coils plus a high 6 gauge perimeter border wire for the best firmness all around
  • Lock-stitched binding will not unravel and won't trap liquids and odors
  • Airflow pocket helps keep mattress fresh
  • Square corner design for a snug fit in cribs
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • This entire crib mattress is GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified for a healthier indoor environment. The GOLD standard is a more stringent test, ensuring a safer product for infants and toddlers. Tested and certified at a third party laboratory
  • Voted America's Best for Baby for four consecutive years, Sealy crib mattresses, pads and bedding won the Women's Choice Award in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 for most recommended baby products.
  • Measures 51.63 x 27.25 x 5.75 inches and fits in both USA standard size crib and toddler beds
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    Perfect Mattress for a Baby & Toddler!
    I have been in need of a new Crib Mattress since my daughter still sleeps in her toddler bed. So now that we are having a new baby this was the perfect time to find a great mattress that will last for awhile. I absolutely love the Sealy Cozy Cool Hybrid 2-Stage Coil & Gel Crib Mattress and so does my toddler! I decided to have her test it out for me since I haven't had the baby yet or the crib set up. She said that it was very comfy. She of course tried out the Toddler side of the Crib Mattress. Yes! This awesome mattress has 2 sides, one for infants and one for toddlers. It's perfect!
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    Love 2 Stages!
    I love that this mattress has 2 stages with a firm side for infants and a cooling comfort gel side for toddlers.
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    Light Weight & Easy To Move
    "The mattress is made from polyethylene which is free from harmful chemicals and has been certified by GreenGuard. When taking the mattress out of the packaging there are no harmful or harsh smells coming from it, it has a nice very light wheat smell. The mattress is very firm and has very square edges that are perfect for keeping fitted sheets in place. The mattress is very light weight and easy to move. The mattress covering has a nice textured stitch which helps keep fitted sheets on. It is water and stain proof. I like that it has an air-flow layer for freshness and the cover helps prevent mold and odors. It is also really nice that once my baby gets older I can flip the mattress to the toddler side and use it for when she gets bigger.

    *Product received free of charge in order to conduct my review on my blog. All opinions are 100% my own."
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    Resting easier
    We LOVE this crib mattress! Having 6 kids I have been through my fair share of crib mattresses and have found that the difference in my children's sleep is greatly influenced by their crib mattress. My baby has slept so much better since we received this mattress and I rest easier knowing its GREENGUARD® Gold Certified and made in the USA. Definitely worth every penny!
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    Wonderful comfy mattress
    I love all the features of this great mattress with it's 2 stages, cooling gel layer to add comfort and GREENGUARD® Gold Certification. This mattress is more comfortable than other crib mattresses we have tried and my daughter seems to love it.

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