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This beautiful baby bassinet is the only one that offers an option for babies to sleep on an incline! This infant bassinet converts to a rocking bassinet and includes a Light Vibes electronic unit with classical music, nature sounds, vibrations, and soft-glow check light.
  • Incline Sleeper attachment for babies that need their head elevated
  • Incline Sleeper attachment removes easily for use as a traditional bassinet
  • Light Vibes electronic unit includes classic music, nature sounds, vibrations and soft-glow check light
  • Easily converts to a rocking bassinet
  • Locking casters for room to room mobility
  • Canopy default with three hanging soft toys
  • Large storage basket for all baby's needs
  • JPMA Certified
  • Bassinet and Incline Sleeper are designed to be used by infants up to 3 months of age or up to a weight of 15 lbs, and should no longer be used by a child who can push himself/herself up on hands and knees
  • Uses 3 'AA' batteries (not included)
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    Must Have Bassinet for Baby
    I immediately adore the gender neutral Emerson pattern when we open it up and start putting it together. Since we don’t ever plan on finding out the gender of our babies until delivery this is perfect for us.

    The most exciting part about this bassinet though is the unique incline feature that is only available on the Kolcraft Cuddle’n Care 2-in-1 Bassinet offering the option for babies to sleep inclined. This is the perfect solution for babies with reflux, colic or even a baby with a cold. Baby is secure with the included soft padded harness ensuring their inclined position and when baby no longer needs the incline option it is easily removed and can be used as a traditional bassinet.

    The included mattress and sheet make for a comfortable and coordinating bed for baby and an all in one easily changable sleeping haven for next to parents bed. Want to have baby wherever you are, no problem with the locking casters (wheels) making for easy transport from room to room. You can also remove the wheels and make it a rocking bassinet for the little ones that like movement.

    A super roomy under storage basket underneath where baby sleeps is perfect for all your quick grab items; diapers, rash creams, swaddle blankets, extra clothing or baby lotions. Whatever you think you might want to have at arms reach will fit underneath!

    There is also a few baby entertainment features that add a special touch to this Must Have baby item. The mobile with three soft coordinating stars attaches to the canopy and the included Light Vibes® electronic unit which offers classical music, nature sounds and vibrations so lulling baby to sleep is easy. It also has a soft-glow check light in case you want to peek at your sleeping angel without disturbing them.
    • easy assembly, gender neutral, mobile music storage basket, included mattress and bedding
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    So much more than just a bassinet!
    From the easiness of putting it together to the incline sleeper to the light vibes electronic unit we absolutely love the bassinet. The incline sleeper has came in very handy for our infant with reflux. Not only does it help him sleep better but it helps us sleep better. Far less coughing/gagging episodes. The electronic unit with the light & vibrations (and music) comes in very useful for those nighttime wakeups. It is so nice to just check in on him without turning the overhead light on.
    • incline sleeper, check in light, vibrations & music, large basket below
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    • Quality:
    Must Have Registry And Shower Item
    With a new baby, there is a lot of getting up all times of day and night, so having a bassinet near by for baby to sleep in, can make those first few months a lot easier for the new parent. So when I look for a bassinet, I look for certain features that can make sleep for both baby and mommy a lot easier.

    Recently I was sent a Kolcraft Cuddle'n Care 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleeper to review. Having my new little friend to help with this review made this review a lot easier. First thing that I noticed and really appreciated was how easy it was to put this bassinet together. I know for me and other parents out there, when you are preparing for a new baby, there are so many things that need to be put together. You have the stroller, swing, bouncer and so on, so having products that you know you will be needing and using, that are easy to put together, makes the product more appealing.

    Once I had the bassinet together, I saw that not only did this bassinet have the mobile that was removable, and the mesh sides as well as a safety harness for baby, but it had a incline position for baby to sleep in as well. For me, this would have been the ideal bassinet for when I had Robert due to his reflux, and when my little friends mom saw the incline, she right away said that is exactly what they needed for her. My new little friend has some reflux, and for those first couple of weeks, they were using a wedge to help her keep her food down, but now that they have this bassinet with the incline sleeper on it, they will feel a lot better about her sleeping, and since there is a harness as well, they will not have to worry about her sliding down in the night while she sleeps.

    After seeing these features, we all looked at the other features that this bassinet offers, like the fact that the wheels can be removed so that they can use the bassinet as a rocking bassinet. Then with the Light Vibes electronic unit, they not only get a soft glow that is ideal for those night changes, allowing baby to sleep as well as others trying to sleep, but the gentle vibrations, music and nature sounds help soothe baby, so she will be able to fall back to sleep after a change or a feeding. If they choose to keep the wheels on, they can easily move the bassinet from room to room, or if baby wakes up and just needs that comfort, mom can pull the bassinet closer to her, then lock the wheels in place.

    Then for the storage needs for babies diapers and such, there is a large storage basket that is under the bassinet. In all, myself, my friend and my newest little friend, found this bassinet to be exactly what was needed!

    So if you are planning for a new baby, or even for a baby shower, be sure to add the Kolcraft Cuddle'n Care 2-in-1 Bassinet & Incline Sleeper to your registry or to the items to get the new mom for the baby shower!
    • easy to put together, incline for reflux, safety harness, mesh siding, removable wheels to convert to rocking bassinet, light vibes electronic unit, large storage basket under
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    Instruction booklet should be re-written.....many of the parts are NOT the same as the pictures. Was hoping YouTube would have video but nope.....just on how wonderful it is after assembly.
    • many options
    • instruction book
    • Price:
    • Value:
    • Quality:
    Awesome Product. I would recommend it to all of my friends. Bassinets make a big difference in the first few weeks. Thanks, Kolcraft.

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