Create a Safe Sleep Environment for your Newborn



Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death among infants between 1 month and 1 year of age.

Placing babies on their backs to sleep on a firm sleeping surface is the best for infants.

Ensure that it is their own space, such as a crib, bassinet, or playard that does not have any extra cushioning in it that could restrict airflow

It’s also critical to help reduce the risk of SIDS and accidental suffocation by creating a safe sleeping environment.


LESS IS BEST! Here’s all your

baby needs in a crib

Things to Avoid Placing In or

Near Baby’s Crib



ASTM Certified Crib

Crib Bumpers


Firm Crib Mattress

Blankets or Comforters


Secure Fitting Crib Mattress Pad



Fitted Sheet

Stuffed Animals or Toys



Baby Monitors with Cords



Sleep Positioners or Wedges


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