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Babies need comfort too! Great mattress!
"We recently replaced the ""free"" mattress that came with my daughter's crib with this Sealy mattress. (She is now almost 5 and is in a toddler bed.) Not only did it sound comfortable with it's 220 coils for support, the STAPH-GARD cover, GREENGUARD certification and the multiple non-allergenic layers is what really sold me. Knowing that my child may breathe cleaner air while she sleeps is definitely a plus!

When the new mattress arrived, I immediately stood it up next to her old mattress and I could already see the differences between the two. The Sealy mattress looked sturdier and way more plush than the mattress we received with her crib.

When I saw how much bigger the new mattress was compared to the old mattress, I was a little concerned that it wouldn't fit in her bed, but it actually fit perfectly. It is much heavier than her previous mattress, but that just made me realize what an excellent quality mattress this really is.

My husband tested the mattress out first and thought it was really comfortable. When he got up, we watched the mattress spring right back up into it's original shape. The support system in the mattress is amazing!

This mattress is fabulous! It is supportive and comfortable, and we absolutely cannot feel the coils through the multiple non-allergenic layers on top of them, like we could on my daughter's old mattress. The cover will be easy to clean if needed, and it is so thick that I believe it will last for a long time.

We all know that kids don't care as much about comfort as adults do - face it, they can sleep pretty much anywhere, including the hard floor. But they shouldn't have to sleep on anything less than what we would sleep on. This mattress is perfect for babies & toddlers!"
  • Comfortable, Sturdy, Easy To Clean, non-allergenic, tear resistant, made in the usa, affordable
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