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March Toddler Project: Tissue Paper

There are so many fun and easy craft ideas for toddlers using materials that are laying around your house this very moment. Toddler’s minds are always developing and growing and having a creative outlet feeds their ability to think outside of the box. We love sharing the many DIY crafts for kids that we come […]

Nursery Design for Girls

Planning your future baby’s nursery is often satisfying and entertaining, but knowing where to start can be baffling. The choices are endless and you want to be sure you get the most from your investment. While gender neutral is a safe choice, some parents prefer to design the nursery specifically for boys or pick a more feminine look for […]

National Cherry Pie Day Recipes

Here’s a fun fact for your Friday: today is National Cherry Pie Day! What better way to celebrate than with a cherry recipe from one of our Kolcraft Moms? There are so many family recipes that have been passed down from grandma, to mom, to kids. Cherry pie is always a family favorite, and it would […]

Keeping Kids Connected

In this age of digital devices, our children are bombarded with high tech entertainment options. There is no doubt that these offer a welcome distraction for many parents trying to keep their little one occupied. In fact, it’s hard to beat new games on your tablet while traveling, it keeps the stress level down for the entire family. […]

Made With Love: Valentine’s Day...

There are plenty of store-bought Valentine’s Day goodies out there, but we think that the best way to show someone how much you love them is to make something straight from the heart. We have some Valentine’s Day project ideas and a dynamite Valentine’s Day craft, and our Kolcraft Moms have even more great ideas for […]