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Seat Belt Safety During Pregnancy

As your baby bump grows it may be increasingly uncomfortable to wear a seat belt, but your seat belt is key to you and your baby’s safety. A few simple tips on how to protect your baby: Move Your Seat Back – Maintain at least a 10 inch distance between the center of your chest […]

Watermelon Craft for Kids

Today is National Watermelon Day and to celebrate this tasty treat, we decided to share an easy-to-make watermelon craft for children. What you will need: White, pink/red and green construction paper Scissors (adult use only unless child can safely use them) Non-toxic glue Non-toxic black marker How to make watermelon craft: Cut the green construction paper […]

Five Potty Training Tips Every Mom...

It’s a stage in toddler-hood that every parent can’t wait for, and at the same time, dreads. That’s right – potty training! Today we have five helpful tips to try to make the potty training processes easier for parents.     Sing their praise and make them proud of their accomplishments – Make sure they […]

Easy Children’s Summer Recipes

Summertime brings outdoor fun and picnics. One easy recipe for children is ants on a log. We love this because it’s healthy, easy and fun! What you will need: celery sticks peanut butter (we are fans of natural peanut butter) raisins Directions: Wash the celery and have an adult cut it into pieces (about 5 […]

Better Sleep for the Whole Family

Being well-rested and getting adequate sleep is not only important for infants, toddlers and children, but for parents too! Developing bedtime routines for the family and creating a comfortable sleeping environment can help lead to better sleep for all. Check out these sleep tips to help everyone sleep better for a happy, healthy family. Infants […]