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Easy Children’s Summer Recipes

Summertime brings outdoor fun and picnics. One easy recipe for children is ants on a log. We love this because it’s healthy, easy and fun! What you will need: celery sticks peanut butter (we are fans of natural peanut butter) raisins Directions: Wash the celery and have an adult cut it into pieces (about 5 […]

Better Sleep for the Whole Family

Being well-rested and getting adequate sleep is not only important for infants, toddlers and children, but for parents too! Developing bedtime routines for the family and creating a comfortable sleeping environment can help lead to better sleep for all. Check out these sleep tips to help everyone sleep better for a happy, healthy family. Infants […]

Guessing Your Baby’s Eye Color

Will your baby keep the color of his deep brown eyes or baby blues? Only time will tell, but a few clues to wagering the odds. Darker eyes, brown or dark green, most likely will stay dark especially if the mother or father are of a darker complexion. Lighter eyes, blue or gray, often go […]

7 Tips for Reducing Allergens in the...

When babies are first born, their immune systems are still developing. Eliminating allergens in the nursery goes a long way towards keeping them healthy.  In addition to reducing pet hair and keeping windows closed to reduce airborne pollen, selecting the right bedding and crib mattress makes a huge difference. Keeping your baby’s nursery clean and fresh, can […]

Summer Fun Bee Craft

Warmer weather brings green trees, singing birds and buzzing bees. This fun easy craft will get your kids buzzing with excitement. What you need: Yellow construction paper Black construction paper Black marker Googly eyes Non toxic glue or double sided tape Black Pipe Cleaners Non toxic finger paint Scissors (adult use only) What to do: […]