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Back To School Parenting Tips

Your children have either gone back to school or will start very soon. After a summer of late mornings, not so strict bedtimes and carefree afternoons, it may be hard getting back into the swing of school. A few easy tips: Adjust bedtimes – While your child is getting used to getting up earlier, be […]

Ladybugs Your Kids Can Eat!

School may have started, but summer isn’t over yet! We love ladybugs and had fun learning about ladybugs with our kids through these fun activities. Go on a ladybug hunt in your backyard, garden or in a forest preserve. Look under leaves, shrubs, branches, flowers, fields, tree stumps, cracks in wood, under a fallen tree, […]

Get Ready for Back to School With a DIY...

There’s no better way to get your kids excited for school than to customize their back to school gear! And what’s even better? Something that they can doodle all over, write assignments on, erase and do it all over. What you’ll need for this fun and easy chalkboard notebook is: Chalkboard paint (I used Martha […]

Fun Friday Family Date Night

It can be hard to find family time especially when you have a myriad of different schedules, activities and places to be, but every so often you need to take a break from schedules and have family fun time – a family date night! Family date nights don’t require a lot of money – just […]

Seat Belt Safety During Pregnancy

As your baby bump grows it may be increasingly uncomfortable to wear a seat belt, but your seat belt is key to you and your baby’s safety. A few simple tips on how to protect your baby: Move Your Seat Back – Maintain at least a 10 inch distance between the center of your chest […]