Safety Notifications

What is a safety notification or recall?
A safety notification or recall is important because it involves the safety of your child. In some cases, it means Kolcraft wants to fix something on your product. In other cases, Kolcraft just wants to advise you how to use the product properly. Every time there is a recall, Kolcraft urges you to pay attention – it could make all the difference to your child!

Why does Kolcraft have “safety notifications” and “recalls”?
Kolcraft cares about the safety of your child. Before Kolcraft puts its name on a product, it tries to anticipate all safety concerns. However, even careful companies like Kolcraft cannot prevent every accident. Unexpected safety issues do come up and, sometimes, the best way to address them is through a “safety notification” or a “recall”.

How does Kolcraft determine whether a product needs a “safety notification” or a “recall”?
When safety issues come up, Kolcraft works closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (the “CPSC”). Together, we determine whether a “safety notification” or a “recall” is needed.

How does Kolcraft notify consumers about “safety notifications” or “recalls”?
The best way to make sure you get notice is by returning the product registration card that came with your Kolcraft product or by registering your product online on this website. Kolcraft mails safety notifications and recall notices for a product to the addresses filled out on these cards. If you do not register your products, you should pay close attention to recall announcements on television and radio news reports, and to recall posters at pediatrician offices and retail locations where you purchased products. You can also check out news below on our website, on product safety websites or look for safety notification and recall information on the CPSC website. We also recommend that you sign up for the CPSC’s e-mail service – that way, you will get recall press releases as they are issued by the CPSC at

How can I keep my product registration up-to-date?
If you move, you must update your product registration by notifying Kolcraft. Otherwise any important notice that Kolcraft mails to you may be returned to Kolcraft by the post office. You can do this in one of two ways. You can either send a letter to Kolcraft’s Customer Service Department at the address listed below that includes your new address, your old address, and the model number and date of manufacture of your product, or you can re-register your product on-line by going to the Online Registration page.

Where can I find out if my product has been recalled?
If you own any Kolcraft products, click on the corresponding product type in the list below to see if there have been any safety notifications relating to the product (Issued 1998 to Present).If you do not find a category that fits your product or you do not find your product listed above, your product has likely not been subject to a safety notification or recall. However, please Contact Us to ensure that your product has not been recalled.

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