How To Balance Work and Parenting

Balancing work and parenting is an on-going process and it certainly isn’t easy. Here are a few tips to get you through each day at a time. 

Be realistic 

You CANNOT do it all: be the perfect mom,  perfect wife/husband and perfect employee, have a perfectly clean house, make homemade meals from scratch every night, workout every day and still have a smile on your face at 11 pm. It’s not going to happen. And the good thing? You don’t have to do it all to do most things well. All the childcare and home responsibilities can’t be entirely yours. Divide things up with your significant other or other family helpers.

Be organized 

It’s harder to get things done when you are searching through stacks of paper or don’t have within reach what you need to get your job done. Take time to get organized before diving back into work. Clean your work area and make a list of goals and break them down into manageable tasks.

Be kind 

You will constantly be giving to others – your boss, customers, your spouse, your kids — but you don’t have an endless supply of energy or effort. Be sure to take care of you and be kind to yourself. It may be as simple as taking a bubble bath or taking 10 minutes to enjoy a good cup of coffee – whatever you need to recharge your battery. Just make sure to build some “me” time into your schedule.

Be grateful 

Take the time to appreciate those little parenting moments that you have with your family. You don’t need a wonderful vacation to be able to enjoy family time (although that is always nice). Every day there will be moments that you can connect with your children whether that be at a meal, a bedtime story, really enjoying their hugs and kisses, etc.

Be online 

If you can afford it, see what services can help you with everyday chores. Perhaps it’s getting your groceries delivered through an online service like PeaPod or online dry cleaners, etc. With just a click of the mouse, you will be able to get household chores done!

Be present

Children are resilient and what is more important than parenting 24/7 is that when you are with your children, they have your undivided attention. Remember that seeing you happy and satisfied with your life is a great teacher/motivator.

Be forgiving 

No matter how organized or how good your intentions are, there will be days that everything seems to fall apart. These are the times that you have to be forgiving to yourself, your family and your employer.  Just remember that tomorrow is a new day full of opportunity.