At what age can a child use the Kolcraft Travel Duo 2-in-1 Booster Seat and Diaper Bag?

The Kolcraft Travel Duo 2-in-1 Booster Seat and Diaper Bag seat supports a child 9M to 5 years old.

What is the weight limit for a child to sit in the Kolcraft Travel Duo 2-in-1 Booster Seat and Diaper Bag?

The Kolcraft Travel Duo 2-in-1 Booster Seat and Diaper Bag supports a child up to 60 lb.

How do I clean the Kolcraft Travel Duo 2-in-1 Portable Booster Seat and Diaper Bag?

The Kolcraft Booster Seat & Diaper Bag is easy-to-clean and machine-washable. When washing the cover, make sure to remove base, buckle all buckles, zipper down (close) seat back. Machine wash cold, gentle. Line Dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

Is the Kolcraft Travel Duo 2-in-1 Portable Booster Seat and Diaper Bag water-resistant?

Yes, the Kolcraft Diaper Bag and Booster Seat is water-resistant to prevent spills.

How to install the Kolcraft Travel Duo 2-in-1 Booster Seat and Diaper Bag?

Please refer to the instructions guide for a safe installation of the Kolcraft booster seat. You may also find the instructions on the back of the sleeve of your Kolcraft Travel Duo 2-in-1 Portable Booster Seat and Diaper Bag.

What type of chair works with the Kolcraft Travel Duo 2-in-1 Booster Seat and Diaper Bag?

The chair must have a high back to support the strap of the back of the booster seat.

Where can I find the model number for my mattress?

The crib mattress model number is located on the law tag at the foot of the mattress, sewn into the cover.

What does my Kolcraft crib mattress warranty cover?

The Kolcraft warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. The warranty will only be honored if the mattress label and law tags are intact. Please check your mattress label for the length of your specific warranty.

What is the standard crib mattress size?

ASTM and JPMA certified cribs sold in the USA have standardized size requirements. The standard crib mattress size means that your crib mattress must fit snugly inside a USA standard size crib. Often, improper fitting mattresses are caused because the crib is not a standard size or it was assembled incorrectly.

Minimum crib mattress dimensions are 27 1/4″ wide x 51 5/8″  long and no more than 6″ thick. Use a tape measure to check that there is no more than a 1 1/4″ gap between the interior of the crib side and crib mattress.

How do I measure my crib for correct crib mattress size?

Crib dimensions are dictated by ASTM and Federal Law and must have INTERIOR dimensions of 28″ x  52 3/8″ (plus or minus 5/8″ wide and plus or minus 5/8″ long). The inside of your crib should measure between 27 3/8″ — 28 5/8″ wide and 51 ¾” — 53″ long. Mattresses are designed to be slightly smaller to allow them to fit within these tolerances.

Do Kolcraft mattresses fit toddler beds?

Yes, all Kolcraft mattresses are designed to fit in USA standard size cribs and toddler beds.

How can I clean my mattress?

For laminate covers, wipe the mattress with a damp cloth or a gentle cleanser. For cloth covers, spot clean with water and a gentle detergent.

What is a hybrid crib mattress?

Hybrid crib mattresses feature both coils and foam for superior support and comfort.

Are Kolcraft mattresses waterproof?

Yes, all Kolcraft crib mattresses are made with waterproof covers. On our cotton covered crib mattresses, we use a water and stain resistant top coating plus a full waterproof and allergy barrier backing so liquids won’t seep inside.

Are flame retardants used on Kolcraft mattresses?

Kolcraft crib mattresses meet the federal flammability requirements without the use of restricted chemical flame retardants. However, a small portion of Kolcraft crib mattresses use a natural cotton-based protective wrap on the inside of the mattress to pass strict flammability test.

What does it mean to have a GREENGUARD® GOLD Certification?

The GREENGUARD GOLD standard means that the mattress has been tested for safe use with children. GREENGUARD® GOLD Certification is earned when the mattress passes strict tests for indoor air quality and chemical emissions for products used with children.

Why should I purchase a Kolcraft crib mattress pad?

Crib Mattress pads protect the crib mattress from moisture, allergens, and keep the baby dry and comfortable through all their leaky messes.

Kolcraft crib mattress pads provide a waterproof barrier to protect baby’s mattress from moisture and provide comfort to infants and newborns. Additionally, it’s a convenient advantage to wash and dry a crib pad instead of airing out a mattress that a baby may have had an accident on.

Will the Kolcraft crib mattress pad fit my crib or toddler mattress?

All Kolcraft crib mattress pads are designed to fit USA standard full-size crib mattresses and toddler bed mattresses. The pads measure at 52” L x 28”. The crib mattress pads can be used with both foam and innerspring mattresses and with round and square corner designs.

Are Kolcraft mattress pads waterproof?

Kolcraft crib mattress pads feature a waterproof barrier, the waterproof layer helps protect infant and toddler mattresses from moisture and makes clean-ups quick and easy.

Can I wash my crib mattress pad?

Yes, the Kolcraft crib mattress pad is machine washable. You may also dry your mattress pad using the tumble dry low setting.

How many crib mattress pads should I purchase?

We recommend the purchase of 2 to 4 crib mattress pads for baby’s bed. This helps ensure that you always have a clean crib pad on-hand while the others are in the wash.

What does the Kolcraft crib mattress pad warranty cover?

Kolcraft crib mattress pads come with a 60 day warranty on workmanship and materials, with a valid receipt.

Where can I find my crib mattress pad model number?

The mattress pad model number is located on the law tag sewn into the side of the pad.

How do I know what size mattress I need for my crib?

All of our cribs accommodate US standard size crib mattresses. The inside of your crib should measure between 27 3/8″ — 28 5/8″ wide and 51 ¾” — 53″ long. Mattresses are designed to be slightly smaller to allow them to fit within these tolerances.

Does your furniture come with a warranty?

All nursery furniture comes with a one year limited warranty from the date of purchase. For more details, visit our warranty page.

I’ve lost my instruction manual. Where can I receive a new copy?

All of our instruction manuals can be downloaded and printed from our website. If you would like Kolcraft to mail you a new set of instructions, please contact Consumer Services directly at 1-800-453-7673 or via email at to confirm availability.

How can I order replacement parts?

Visit our online store com and search for the parts you need. If you need additional assistance, you may reach the Kolcraft consumer service directly at 1-800-453-7673 or via email at

What is the best way to care for and maintain my nursery furniture?

To clean your nursery furniture, wipe with a damp cloth and immediately dry the surface. Do not use any chemical cleaners or polishes. Such products can leave a residue on the finish and come in contact with your child. Do not use any toxic stripping methods to remove the old finish. After completing assembly, check that all bolts and screws are secure and tight. Hardware can become loose over time, so it is your responsibility to periodically check the tightness of all fasteners.

Does your furniture use any glue?

Not all of our pieces use wood glue; however, when we do use glue it is non-toxic and water based.

How do I register my products?

You may register your product on our website, or you may register by returning the product registration card that was included with your purchase.

Are toddler rails/bed rails included with the crib? If not, where can I purchase them?

Neither toddler rails nor bed rails are included with the crib. You may purchase each item separately from the retailer in which you purchase your crib or visit the nursery furniture section on our website to see which retailers sell them. We recommend purchasing the toddler rail/bed rails at the time you purchase the crib to ensure availability.

Are conversion kits/toddler rails available for discontinued cribs?

Please contact our Customer Service department directly at 1-800-453-7673 or via email at to confirm availability.

Do I have to anchor my dresser or chest to the wall?

Yes, it is very important that you anchor your dresser or chest to the wall as recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You should also look for a dresser that passes the voluntary tip test standards.

Do your products meet US safety standards?

Our furniture meets and/or exceeds all US standards.

What kinds of stains and paints do you use for your nursery furniture?

Our products are formaldehyde and lead safe. Because wood naturally contains formaldehyde, no wood product can be labeled formaldehyde free. Our products meet both federal agency (EPA) and state requirements for formaldehyde emissions in wood products.

What kind of wood is used to manufacture your products?

Our cribs, dressers and changers are made of various sustainable and renewable wood resources like New Zealand Pine and Poplar. Some of the panels of our products also use CARB II compliant MDF and 100% wood veneers.

Will the colors from one collection match the colors from another collection?

All of the finishes/paints match between collections. Please note: different wood finishes show the natural grain of the wood, there may be unevenness in the color and the finishes may not be identical from piece to piece

How long is my Kolcraft stroller warranty?

All Kolcraft strollers include a one-year manufacturers warranty. This limited warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable to second-hand purchasers. If you would like to honor your warranty, please contact Consumer Services at 1-800-453-7673 or via email at

How can I order replacement parts for my Kolcraft Stroller?

You may order replacement parts for your stroller by visiting our store, or by contacting Consumer Services at 1-800-453-7673 or via email at

Can I run or jog with a Kolcraft stroller?

Our strollers are not designed as exercise strollers. Please do not use this product while running, jogging, in-line skating or participating in other athletic activities.

How can I clean my stroller?

Clean all metal parts with a damp cloth and wipe dry. You may also clean woven fabric or vinyl parts with mild soap and water solution.