Download a printable format of Kolcraft’s most recent instructions, to determine which instruction sheet matches your product, please locate the date of manufacturer sticker on the product.

How to Find My Date of Manufacture [DOM] ?

The Manufacture Code on your product or card will be listed in one of the following formats:

  • 29MAR18_LR
  • 2018 / 03 _FBB

Use this to enter the Manufacture Date in the box above.

29 = day (DD)
MAR = month (MM)
18 = year (YY)
Ignore letters on the end.

2018 = YYYY
03 = MM
Ignore the letters on the end.

If you have any trouble registering your product online, please contact our Kolcraft customer service department at 800.453.7673.

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Discontinued Product Instructions

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